⇒ What’s included in this editing service package?
Answer : We will edit psd template According to your information and make multiple customized jpeg documents with different background for you. After that we will send both customized psd template file(including fonts) and jpeg documents to you.

⇒ How much to pay?
Answer : You have to pay template price + $20 . if template price is $ 25, you have to pay $25+ 15 (editing charge) = $45

⇒ How long I have to wait to complete my order?
Answer : We complete an order within 24 hours. So you have to wait 1 to 24 hours.

⇒ My photo background is not blue color, do you change the photo background?
Answer : Yes, we will remove photo background and replace it to blue or other color.

⇒ how to upload my signature?
Answer : just write your signature in a white paper and take a photo of it then upload it. or you can keep it blank, and we will do your signature using signature font.

⇒ Is multiple order allowed?
Answer : Yes Multiple order is allowed.


Here is our sample work below :

⇒ Any sample works?
Answer : Yes, see following images of our sample work.